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Copy spreadsheet from one workbook to another

In some cases, we may need to copy the data from one workbook to another. Instead of selecting the rows, copying and pasting, we can copy the entire spreadsheet. Let’s see how to do it:

  • Open the source workbook holding the data(say, Names.xlsx and the spreadsheet is demo)
  • Open the destination workbook(say, Book1.xlsx)
  • Right click on the demo tab and select Move or Copy as shown below:


  • In move or Copy dialog box, choose the destination(Book1) in “To book” dropdown


  • “Before sheet” is used to place the copied spreadsheet before the selected sheet or move to the end
  • Check the box, “Create a copy”(else the sheet will be moved) and click ok

That’s It!!!

Spreadsheet has been copied into the destination book as shown below:





Changing the theme in latest version of Visual Studio

Visual studio come in three different themes:

  • Blue
  • Dark
  • Light

When you use the visual studio for the first time, it allows you to select one of the above mentioned theme. If you did not select for the first time or wish to choose it later, you can use the below tip.

  • Go to Tools->Options
  • In Options dialog box, click on General under Environment and select the color theme as shown below.



Changing the Font and Color in Visual Studio

To change the font and color in visual studio:

  • Go to Tools->Options
  • In Options dialog box, click on Fonts and Colors under Environment


  • Choose the font under Font
  • Select Foreground and background color in “Item foreground” and “Item background”
  • Select the font size under Size
  • Check “Bold” if you need to apply Bold effect to the text
  • You can preview all these selection in Sample and click ok to apply.

Make the First column fixed in Excel

It is really difficult to enter the data into particular row when there are too many columns in Excel(say, with respect to first column value). In order to make the first column as unmovable and move the rest of the columns, follow the below tip:

  • Go to View->Freeze Panes in Windows section
  • Click on Freeze Panes dropdown and select Freeze First Column


In the above screenshot, you can see the first column has been frozen with thick line and scroll bar has been moved to the extreme right.

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